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I loved gay college - always tons of hot boys every where I looked. A few beers too many and even the straightest guys became a little bicurious. They all claimed it was there first time and that they would never do anything like it again. And the way some of them gave head I believe it was there first time.

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My fantasy is a pretty simple one,I dream of having sex on top of the empire state building with all the tourists watching (no underage kids please,just the grown ups).I don't know why that has always been a fantasy of mine but I imagine because I'm attached to someone,it'd be me and him having the kinkiest sex of our lives.I imagine us having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm and I imagine we'd be laughing at all the tourists as their faces turn red with embarassement as they try to pretend they aren't watching us...okay who am I kidding-I'd be too busy enjoying the sex to care about the tourists












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